'Where dead betas go and some are reborn!'

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About Me.


My work career is in Radiocommunications involving testing and standards development.  My hobby of electronics has many facets, amateur radio, test equipment design and repair, circuit design, antenna construction and general electronics repair.  The beta repair side of it came mainly out of my desire to keep my own machines going, in order to watch my own tape collection.  This soon extended to friends and family.  It became more difficult over time to get machines repaired and indeed the parts also became difficult to get. 


I started to collect and repair beta machines. The problem is I did not stop!


Over time, with the help of other hopelessly obsessed individuals and indeed some repair technicians from Sony, I have added to my collection of working and parts machines.   I have also obtained an extensive collection of service manuals and specialist tools to service these machines.  The net has allowed me to gain and contribute information to this hobby.   You will find various notes in PALSITE which is an invaluable source of information on various video formats.  I also consider it a virtual museum for the Beta VCR in its many variants, and I intend to continue to contribute information to complete the collection.  If you have a machine which is not on the list, I would be very interested in getting details of specifications and pictures of the machine in order to add it to the PALSITE list.