'Where dead betas go and some are reborn!'

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Owner's Manuals


A copy of the owner's manual is available for some models.


Beta Tapes


Pre-recorded movies - there are many titles however it might be best to enquire about the availability and condition of a particular movie that you want.  Cost is generally $5 per movie.

Used tapes - used L500 & L750 tapes in good condition are available at $2 per tape.

New tapes (old stock) - in original unopened wrap L500 ($5 per tape) & L750 tapes ($7 per tape) plus postage.

Betaheaven developed test signal tapes - $50 each, recorded on new beta tapes. Use for alignment and testing of all versions of domestic beta machines. Test pattern recorded with both HiFi stereo and linear stereo sound tracks. The tapes provide various fixed tones in right and left channels plus swept tones of about 100Hz to 8kHz for checking frequency response with a CRO.